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ADS-B integration with AdvanceGuard


Navtech’s security solution, AdvanceGuard, can be integrated with ADS-B for complete situational awareness and detailed movement information at your airport.

AdvanceGuard is an intelligent, real-time threat detection radar solution for complex critical infrastructure, where high performance in all conditions is essential. Deployed in over 46 airports worldwide, AdvanceGuard boasts exceptionally low false alarm rates and full automation.

Managing movement across a Critical Part line can be challenging. The integration with ADS-B enriches the situational awareness on site. Security teams know the exact location of aircraft on their site and which aircraft they are , providing high levels of information and keeping nuisance alarms from legitimate aircraft (and in some cases airport vehicles) to a minimum. With friend or foe, it’s the best system you can have for monitoring your CP line.

Rapid set-up and integration are coupled with a dedicated support team that ensures a successful deployment. ADS-B can be seamlessly integrated into AdvanceGuard version 4 for even more effective critical part protection.

ADS-B assigns unique ID to aircraft

Image shows AdvanceGuard assigning a unique ID to an aircraft.

How does ADS-B work?

ADS-B is one of a number of AdvanceGuard integrations. It passes information from your existing ADS-B receivers into AdvanceGuard, such as location information and flight numbers transmitted by aircraft.  Our security solution then correlates this information with radar tracks to provide accurate classification of detected objects and additional information such as flight numbers of aircraft with AdvanceGuard. Thus helping airport security operators to effectively monitor the Critical Part line

Please see the image above to understand the ADS-B integration with AdvanceGuard. As long as your receiver supports the ADS-B standard protocol, our system will support it.