Our Vision

" Our vision is to be the preferred company known for excellent delivery of services and consistently exceeding expectations " 

Our Mission

"To be an asset tracking company of choice by seamlessly gathering information about objects of the real world during their entire lifecycle thereby helping enterprises and organizations improve existing business and operational processes; enhance personal and organizational efficiency and safety."

Who We Are

Safecity is basically an asset tracking company. We can help you affordably manage your personal or business, mobile and physical assets, keep a vigilant watch over your sensitive physical assets, a teenage driver, or elder. We also provide our clients with reliable and effective cutting edge tracking devices and platforms, for compilation of asset registers and audit services which businesses, consumers, government and law enforcement agencies trust. Our main focus, therefore, is comprehensive asset tracking solution, telecommunications and consultancy services which allow us to respond to the growing demand for new and sustainable technologies and services for organisations. Read more >>

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    Asset Management

    Safecity Technologies can help you affordably manage your personal and company’s mobile assets, monitor/locate your business and personal property/ assets, even keep a vigilant watch over a teen driver, child or elder.
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    Safecity provides full telecommunications infrastructure support and services for civil, security and defence organisations. We specialise in the deployment of IP based PABXs, landline, Internet, and wireless telecommunications.

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    Security and Defense Systems

    At Safecity we are always in pursuit of Excellence Security Defence Systems. We supply a wide range of security equipments;

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    Training and Consultancy

    Modern training programming now require excellent presentation  environment, quality audio visual equipment such as Plasma or LCD displays, data-video projectors, motorized projector screens, sound and speaker systems, integrated lighting systems, a dedicated presentation computer or notebook and Video Conferencing capabilities.
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